Every morning I wake up with an intense amount of energy roaring inside my petite frame: equivalent to the fire burning in the hearts of new lovers.

I roll over onto my back and take a few moments to feel the energy within my body, searching for places where tension has lingered, before greeting my yoga mat.

I promise myself, “I will create”…because creating is my meditation.  I begin to lose and find myself within the beautiful complexities of my true nature.

The force urging me to write grows daily as I grasp more from the simple experiences interacting with the outer world and myself, constantly looking for the links on how we can all improve our lives.

So beginning with me, I celebrate my existence by dancing, singing, educating myself on various topics, drawing and writing. These elements are my daily cupcakes for each day I have the chance to rise.

Truth is, writing is one of the many avenues I use to see, love, nurture, and heal myself; but it is the most intimate.

Here is where the flame within my heart has brought me.

For however long you stay, thank you for joining me on my journey.



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