White Flag

“You’re passive.” “You’re too nice.” “People are going to run all over you.” These are the statements I hear often.

But the thing is, I’ve been on the other side, constantly arguing fighting and screaming. I’ve been labeled the “bitch” for many years and it was because I was in a war. With myself. Stepping out from a time in my life when I should have spoken up and didn’t. I carried war with me and all it took was someone to get in my space the wrong way for me to lash out. I was hurt, hurting others. I wasn’t afraid of anyone, no matter how big or how old they were. I was afraid of myself and the power I knew I had to destroy.

Today, my silence isn’t a shutdown or a cowardly move but because I know the power and energy I have, which can add joy or cause great pain. I know that adding negative energy to a situation will not grow flowers. I know that when others lash out it is coming from a much deeper place.

My patience isn’t to say it’s okay to be destructive and mean┬ábut to make the point that I will not step into territory that can not reach peace and I can not fight battles that are not mine.

I’ve chosen to love. To be kind, because you all are me. How I speak and treat you is how I am treating myself, as a whole.

My white flag is up, not because I am weak but because love is all that matters.5.10.16


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