The Year Trees Spoke

That was the year trees began to speak. The world seemed to stop as each tree began to sing a song in harmony carried by the wind. We listened as our skin covered in goose bumps and tears filled our eyes ridden by a weakness only felt in loving arms.

We gathered to the nearest tree and sat submissively. Women, men, children, and animals all closed their eyes as the sound moved through our bodies, healing the tension of the day. We knew we were safe. We knew they were wise. We knew that we were awakening to something divine.

Soon after, businesses closed down one after the other. Schools closed down. Local grocery stores rationed food to their communities and we began to plant on a daily basis.

The trees taught us how to sing from our soul. How to share and how to live in love. They taught our children to listen to the earth and taught the adults how to protect it. We gathered around the trees for wisdom and guidance. We gathered around them to dance and celebrate life.

Our homes still served as our shelter. Our clothes still covered our bodies without concern for fashion. We became healthier as we learned to heal ourselves and understand the cycles of life. We used our cars less to protect the air and watched as the earth renewed itself as our economy slipped away.

We have forgotten what it’s like without them singing and speaking. But we remember times when homelessness, disease, greed, and hunger existed. They haven’t allowed us to forget what it’s like when we stray.



An assignment written for Creative Writing Class. Can’t you tell I’m a tree hugger 😉

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