Fire in the Sky

“Mommy there’s a fire in the sky”.

I’ve just turned out of my apartment complex to take my little one to school and we are instantly blessed with this view.

The view that awakens things in my heart.

I place my affirmations on the rising sun and out loud remind my little one of all the things he may not hear today, but must remember. “You are handsome, you have a wonderful smile, you are smart, loved, loving, and lovable. You are a good listener…”
He agrees with everything except being a good listener and goes into telling me that no one really liked his new wine colored shirt I let him wear the day before. My impulse is to stop the car. At 3 years old he’s going to learn that opinions are cheap. “Do you like the shirt? He says a low, “yes”, “is it yours?”, I continue. “mmmhhmm”. ¬†“This is what matters. Your light is as bright as the sun. You can tell yourself all the things you want to hear, and feel good knowing that it is truth and coming from a place of love.”
I won’t stop reminding him until he knows this.
The fire inside of him burns freely, the fire that I endured great pain for and continue to rise from.
He is the fire that I’m still catching up to, as I shed all of my fear, limited thinking, and judgments.

We continue on, sharing out loud all of the things we’re thankful for while the sun continues to rise, shining directly in our eyes.
He no longer complains about this. ¬†Together we say, “Thank you for my ability to see.”

We give our hugs when we get to our destination.
I leave with my head down, to look up and see a rainbow in the sky.


I know our voices have been heard.

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